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Sadie Cunningham

Sadie Cunningham

Who is Paula of Paula’s Pawsitive Pet Services, LLC?

I have been a pet owner all of my life.  I have always had a deep love of pets and animals of all kinds.

As a child in Sarasota, I remember helping birds that had been injured, and I had plans, at the age of 6, to become a veterinarian.  It didn’t happen quite that way.  Life has a way of making plans for you. 

At age 24 I became a registered nurse, so my care was of human patients, but I still had my love of animals, and I always had a dog or two.  I married a farmer and we lived on a large farm with farm animals, horses, and we had a lot of dogs.  I owned a couple, my husband had several, we seemed to acquire more dogs when people would just drop them off.  I even raised a calf, bottle fed him because his mother was not producing enough milk.  “Bubba” thought I was his mom and followed me like a dog even as he grew up to adult size.   

I volunteered as a Canine Coach for KHS.  As a Canine Coach we would spend time with the shelter dogs and cats.  This included dog walking,  and work on obedience with the shelter pets to make them more adoptable.  We also would assist a potential adopter who was interested in a certain pet by taking the pet to an area outside for them to meet and hopefully fall in love and adopt the pet.   This was my favorite part. 

I also volunteered as a dog walker for rescue groups.

I decided to take an early retirement from nursing.  I tired my colleagues out by showing pictures of my dog and talking about starting a pet related business.  It was time to quit talking about it and just do it!

I mentored with a friend with a busy pet sitting business, and I covered for her when she had to go out of town. Finally she said that I should open my own pet sitting business.  It’s not the first business I’ve started. My first endeavor was a pizza stand in a bar many years ago, and I started a legal-nurse consulting business a number of years back, but I’m most proud and happy to be the owner of my current business, Paula’s Pawsitive Pet Services, LLC.!

Extraordinary Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

Meet Shannon


IMG_0068 I was very lucky when S001hannon applied for a position with my company.  She has been a great asset to Paula’s Pawsitive Pet Services, LLC.  All my clients rave about her!  I never worry because I know Shannon always has such a love of animals that she will always provide safe and loving care of each and every pet she visits.  She has such an easy way with animals and they take to her immediately.  It has been my pleasure to watch her interact with them.

Let Shannon tell you about herself:

I am so thankful for meeting Paula and for her to give me the opportunity to work for her and be able to show my love for animals.   I have a degree in early childhood education, but my heart has always been with animals, so to be working with them on a daily basis has been nothing but joyful.” 

“I am a huge animal lover.  I have 7 dogs, a cat, 3 guinea pigs, a hamster and a chinchilla.  I am most happy when I am in the company of animals .  To have the opportunity to work with animals on a daily basis puts a huge smile on my face!  I have also volunteered for Shelby County Humane Society and Wildlife In Need.  I enjoy meeting new clients and their fur babies.  I am so attached to the pets I work with.  Getting new pets to join us makes me all the happier!”