Services and Fees

Package Plans Offered to our Clients for

Monday-Friday dog walks/pet visits.

We offer dog walks, lots of playtime and exercise, feeding, poop scoop, litter box cleaned daily, cuddling, pampering, lots of love!

happy dog

Dog Walks/Pet Visits

Our sitter will walk your pet(s) in your neighborhood or visit with them at home.                                         Dog walks are one-on-one, no pack walks. Your dog will get personal attention on the walks.  If you have more than one dog, we will be happy to walk them together.   Extended visits can be arranged. 

Intermittent dog walks/visits or visits on occasion are $20.00-$22.00/visit. 

Visits with your kitties will include food, fresh water, and daily litter box maintenance. $20-22.00/visit

Routine scheduled visits or dog walks, Monday-Friday receive a discount.  Price to be determined at Meet & Greet.

Holiday surcharges are $5.00/visit.  Holidays include all major holidays and local holidays such as Oaks and Derby Day.

Prices may include a mileage surcharge if visits are greater than 10 miles.  This would be determined at the Meet and Greet.

Please add a $2.00 charge per pet if there are over 3 pets.

Extended Pet Visits

Do you have a puppy or a senior pet that needs that extra visit time?  Not to worry when you have to leave the house! Golfing event, running errands, stay late at the office or lunch at the Bistro, our sitter will come to your home to take care of your pet(s) whenever you need to be away.  If you require longer visit times, this can be arranged.  Rates would be $22/first hour with each incremental hour at $24.

Pet Taxi Service

If you need your pet taken to the Groomer or the Vet, we can provide this service.  Rates are $25/trip.