Pets Left in the Car Alone – A Death Sentence!


This is summer fun!  Leaving a dog is a hot car alone for even a few minutes is not fun, it’s a death sentence!

Try sitting in your car for just 5 minutes, not moving, just sitting.  Roll the window down, just a bit, not all the way, just a crack or twoI would be willing to bet that you cannot last 5 minutes in a parked car, motor not running.

Do you feel the heat, feel the sweat, feel your pulse starting to race?  Are you starting to feel a wave of nausea or feel faint?

Yet, we see pets dying in the news from being left in a car with a window cracked while the pet owner makes a “quick” trip in to get something in a store.  

We read in the news that 6 dogs died while a “pet sitter” left her clients’ dogs in her van while she ran into a mall to get some shoes. 

We read 20 dogs died at a “dog boarding” facility (an unlicensed business in their home)in Arizona. They were in a tiny room in a utility area and died from heat exhaustion while the owners of the facility were out of town and left the daughter and son-in-law in charge.  The owners were told their dogs ran away, but we eventually were informed of the truth.  Twenty dogs in a small room in their house died because there was no a/c during the night due to a malfunction and the dogs were not checked on during the night.  The owners of the “boarding facility” told the press the dogs had chewed through the dry wall and the a/c wires.  They were most likely trying to escape because the small room for 20 dogs was intolerable, and the story has become questioned and is being investigated.

If you have your dog or any other pet in your car when it is even 70 degrees, much less 90-100 degrees and you leave your pet in the car while you run a “quick” errand is a death sentence.  The cars will heat to dangerous levels in just a few minutes.  If you have to make a trip to the grocery, the convenient store, or any reason to leave your beloved pet in the car alone, take your dog home before you run your errand.  An added trip will not ruin your day and it will save the fur-kid you are supposed to protect.

If you don’t believe the danger of leaving your pet in a hot car for even a few minutes, try it yourself, sitting in a hot car with your windows cracked.  It will make you a believer.  Except you can open the door and get out when you’ve had enough.  Your dog cannot.




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